The essence of the forum research meeting is to provide a platform for researchers to share their work, exchange ideas, and receive feedback from peers. We want to foster collaboration and promote the advancement of knowledge in a particular field of FutureRail.

At the heart of a research, forum is sharing research findings, ideas, and methodologies. Researchers are encouraged to present their work clearly and concisely, and to discuss with other participants about their findings and their implications for the field. The forum also provides an opportunity for researchers to receive feedback from peers and gain insight into future research directions.

The Forum on Enabling Technologies and Requirements for Future Rail Transport Vertical, also known as FeatureRail, is a cutting-edge event that brings together leading experts, researchers, and professionals from the rail transport industry to discuss and explore the latest advancements in rail technology and innovation.

The event covers various topics related to the future of rail transport, including digitalization, automation, electrification, safety and security, sustainability, and more. Attendees have the opportunity to hear from industry leaders and participate in engaging discussions and presentations on the latest trends and developments in the field.

Researchers from different institutions and backgrounds come together to share their work, and the forum provides a platform for them to connect and collaborate on future research projects.